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Major of Delft visits SPECTRAL

As part of a tour along high-tech companies in Delft, Marja van Bijsterveldt, major of Delft, visited SPECTRAL. After an introduction to the company and our products, we visited our LIBS laboratory to show our hardware and demonstrate our LIBS solutions.

SciX 2018 in USA great success

  SPECTRAL was present at SciX 2018 conference in Atlanta USA from 22-25 October. We had a great time meeting existing and new customers at our Flash Photonics booth. CTO Marijn Sandtke gave the opening presentation at the instrumental LIBS session. We thank Flash Photonics for organizing a great booth and look forward to working […]

SPECTRAL in Dutch newspaper

Dutch newspaper Leidsch Dagblad published a major article on SPECTRAL Industries. The publication was part of a series covering high-tech innovation in the greater Leiden area. SPECTRAL’s CEO Ad Maas explains the technology and talks about our ambitions. The article can be downloaded via this link (only in Dutch unfortunately): Article Leidsch Dagblad The side […]

IRIS echelle gated LIBS

  Until recently, only iCCD’s and PMT’s were fast enough to enable stable and reproducible gated LIBS measurements. Now, SPECTRAL Industries presents the gated LIBS functionality on its IRIS echelle spectrometers using CMOS technology camera’s. Our advanced (patent pending) feedback scheme allows for < 100 ns accurate gating, using standard pulse delay generators in combination […]

Drill core element mapping

Chemical element mapping of drill cores is a new service SPECTRAL Industries is offering now. We can perform up to 50 x 50 mm² area scans with down to 100 x 100 µm² spatial resolution, visualising any element, including light elements e.g. Lithium and Carbon. We are upscaling our capabilities to also allow for larger […]

Dr. Marinus Dalm successfully defended his PhD thesis

On November 2nd, SPECTRAL employee Dr. Marinus Dalm successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Sensor-based sorting opportunities for hydrothermal ore deposits” at Delft University of Technology. Marinus joined SPECTRAL in September 2018 strengthening our team with mining and sensor-based sorting expertise. For an animation on Marinus’ PhD work please visit: https://vimeo.com/255521448

Avaatech’s XRF Core Scanner extended with LIBS capability to scan all elements – from Lithium to Uranium

  Avaatech and SPECTRAL Industries are happy to announce the start of a project for the integration of a Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) instrument into the well-known Avaatech XRF Core Scanner. Like XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence), LIBS is a well-established analytical technology for chemical analysis. The LIBS-technique uses a laser to create a high temperature […]

Successful LIBS demonstration down in a mine

  We successfully demonstrated SPECTRAL’s LIBS sensor 150 meters below the surface in an old silver mine. We showed that our LIBS sensor equipment is robust and transportable for operation down in the mine and that it delivers high quality LIBS signals in this harsh environment. Examples: we detected sulphur at 180.7 nm and trace levels […]

Highly accurate LIBS measurements on liquids

More and more applications of LIBS on liquids emerge. Examples are waste water monitoring, agriculture water analysis and oil analysis. To demonstrate the capabilities of the SPECTRAL LIBS system on liquids we have performed two experiments. The first one involves real-time detection of low concentration salts in running water. A typical example of such an […]

IRIS echelle white paper available

IRIS is the first echelle spectrometer without compromises: high resolution, large bandwidth, high throughput, accurate gating, compact and robust. To show the benefits and possibilities of the IRIS echelle spectrometer we have published a white paper. Topics covered (amongst others): its unmatched throughput, UV performance, gating using a low cost CMOS camera and stability. Benchmark […]