More and more applications of LIBS on liquids emerge. Examples are waste water monitoring, agriculture water analysis and oil analysis. To demonstrate the capabilities of the SPECTRAL LIBS system on liquids we have performed two experiments.

The first one involves real-time detection of low concentration salts in running water. A typical example of such an experiment is shown in the graph below. Detection limits of 22 ppm for Na, 18 ppm for Mg and 128 ppm for Ca were found.

The second example involved the determination of the water fraction in a water/oil emulsion.  The graph below shows a nice decrease of the oil signal (carbon peak) for increasing water concentration. Simultaneously the water signal (a Na peak of the Na that was naturally present in the water) increases for increasing water concentration.

These experiments show that highly accurate measurements can be performed on various types of liquids using the SPECTRAL LIBS system. Contact us for more details regarding the reported experiments or our LIBS system.